RPG Patsy is a character generator and total replacement for your pencil and paper character sheet. It was designed to allow players to spend their time exploring dungeons and slaying dragons rather than keeping track of their spells and trying to figure out what their attack bonus will be. Versions of RPG Patsy exist for: 3.5 Edition Rules, 3rd Edition Rules, and the Star Wars RPG.

Version 4 (which includes the character generator with support for custom classes, races, and other data) is primarily meant to work with the 3.5 rules but most features are compatible with 3rd edition rules.

RPG Patsy runs on Macintosh and Windows and files generated by RPG Patsy can be opened on either platform.

"When you think about it, d20 games are all about keeping track of little bits of information, and how they affect each other. Why the heck were we ever doing this on pieces of paper? [...] I'll never use paper again, and I'll do a BETTER job of playing. Forget remembering details. Highly recommend this program - this is what computers are for."

-Review from Versiontracker.com


RPG Patsy has officially reached the end of its supported life. There are known problems with recent operating systems that will not be addressed. If you would like to use it anyway visit the registration page and get your free registration code.

RPG Patsy Features
Mac Screenshot
System Requirements:
Windows:98, 2000, ME, XP
Macintosh:Mac OS X v.10.2 or later


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